Challenger 2009 (95 pp.)


Ski City #3

What a huge time it was...
Frankie and Annette sure had
their hands full at the keg gong.

At a Muscle Beach Party,
a classmate
narrowly avoids death,
meaning 'narrowly avoids death'
as in 'Totally tubular’ in
'A SKI PARTY' is new 'suede noose duo analogue'.

Check it out. Goggle a gypsy chick considering gingham.
The jeep ride pomp as a sixties screen-grab.
With superior production six
strongmen try to take over the
beach with jiujitsu, bagpipes and (h)e-go...
The gang goes on.

Think of this pending one-frame-music-video.
Surf's up for the gym owner to .... bootleg
to ... film a Ski Party.

O’ King Ghostlike
He sleep he pee he smooch he jokes
Ew-e! Ew-e! Ew-e! phlegm.
Find your best ski outfit and dance by me or hedgehog.
Say farewell to winter on some knowledge phenomenon.
Totally drunk. Say DOUSE ME!
Switzerland in an avalanche kills one of his closest friends.